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Lotte Berk Method DVD

Lotte Berk Method DVDs: Own All Four (4) for $33.95

The Best Kept Secret of New York's body elite is now available in your home. No special equipment required, but be prepared to sweat for the body you want.

This 4 DVD series will give you a total body transformation. The Lotte Berk Method has been called the "ultimate body transformation system".

For over three decades this results-oriented, no-nonsense fitness method has been available exclusively at Lotte Berk Method studios in Manhattan and Bridgehampton, New York, and by popular demand was brought to home DVD.

It is a low-impact, extraordinarily effective program that firms, lengthens, and shapes female muscles to their most beautiful form. It's system of concentrated movements is designed to make each woman get her best body.    Go to full description

Muscle Eats Fat

The Lotte Berk Method "Muscle Eats Fat" DVD    $6.95

Dieting to stay thin is difficult. The best way to reduce fat is to burn calories "passively" and the best way to do that is to add beautiful long lean muscles - dancers tone, the Lotte Berk Method way.   Go to full description

Lotte Berk Method E-Book

The Lotte Berk Method E-Book    $9.95

This E-Book is the original book that has been sold out and has no hard copy available. It is beautifully illustrated with very specific movements and stretching postures to shape your body into its finest feminine form.   Go to full description


HeartFlex Arm and Shoulder Toner for Women        $39.95

Beautiful arms and shoulders for women. This amazing device can target a number of upper-body muscle groups. It adds a vital upper-body workout to walking. HeartFlex is also great to build up the arm muscles to gain strength and control in sports like golf or tennis. Use it regularly at your desk to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.   Go to Full Description

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