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Now this exercise method that transforms women into strong, lean and flexible dancer-like bodies is available to your home

In 10 days you'll feel the results, in 20 days you'll see the results.

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Beautifully filmed fitness DVDs to highly motivational music and taught by our own inspirational Lotte Berk Method fitness teachers.

Originating in London over 60 years ago, and brought to New York City over 40 years ago, there's a reason why this unique exercise method has such staying power -- beautiful women's bodies. Read about The Lotte Berk Method, Rediscovered -- Pilates on Steroids.

No special equipment required, but be prepared to sweat for the body sculpting you want. This series will give you a total body transformation similar to the women who have used our studios for decades.

The Lotte Berk Method exercise DVDs have been called the ultimate body transformation system. For over three decades this results-oriented, no-nonsense fitness method has been available exclusively at Lotte Berk Method studios in Manhattan and Bridgehampton, New York, and by popular demand was brought to home DVD and video.

It is a low-impact, extraordinarily effective program that firms, tones, lengthens, and shapes muscles to their optimal form. Its' system of concentrated movements and deep muscle conditioning is designed to make each woman get her best body.

Lotte Body bathing suit Swimsuit season is here…

"Itsy, bitsy, teenee weenie…not to worry. Do your "Lotte" 3 times a week, perhaps with some gentle aerobics twice a week…cut back on all those sweets… and you'll soon be looking great when you put that bathing suit on.

4-Disc DVD Series Includes All Four of the Below Titles

Begin with Basic Essentials and then rotate the other 3 programs for a "total" body transformation and a totally new fit and beautiful you.
Basic Essentials "Basic Essentials"
Use this DVD first. This easy-to-follow set of exercises will introduce you to the basic movements of the Lotte Berk Method. You will enjoy warm-up exercises and stretches followed by concentrated exercises to work the thighs, abdominals and seat. Step-by-step instructions for proper form and body alignment will help you get the most from the exercises. You will feel new strength, increased flexibility and more graceful after your very first Lotte Berk Method workout! A 30-minute workout with bonus segments.
Hip Hugger Abs "Hip Hugger Abs"
Everyone wants defined, flat abdominals to look good in the new Hip-Hugger and Lo-Ride fashions requires them! No exercises are more effective at targeting all of the abdominal muscles - even the lowest ab muscles - than the Lotte Berk Method. Specially designed firming tension exercises start working muscles below the bust and firm and strengthen each muscle group all the way down. You will love how you look and feel from using this extraordinary workout! A 30-minute workout plus bonus segments.
Muscle Eats Fat "Muscle Eats Fat"
Dieting to stay thin is difficult. The best way to reduce fat is to burn calories "passively" and the best way to do that is to add beautiful long lean muscles - dancers tone. In fact, healthy toned muscles will burn calories 24 hours a day - even when you are at rest! The Lotte Berk Method teaches you targeted exercises that will work poorly toned, unused muscles, particularly in your thighs and abdomen. From your first workout you will begin to create strong, toned muscles and burn calories. The results will look and feel fabulous! 30-minute workout plus bonus segments.
High Round Assets "High Round Assets"
Sexy beautiful butts are the breasts of the new decade. A "hanging bottom" is a frustrating condition suffered by too many women. But the exercises of the Lotte Berk Method are the most effective ever created to firm and raise and firm your derriere . You will learn proper pelvic positioning and exercise movements to work these muscles and pull up your seat. You will love how effectively the Lotte Berk Method delivers you High Round Assets! 30-minute workout plus bonus segments.

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Magazine Reviews

"Berserk for Berk...The Lotte Berk Method takes credit for creating some of the best butts in town, firm and gravity-defying. But until now, only New Yorkers have had access... I found the trademark pulsing moves to be, well, pure poetry...From a flat square video box emerges my new high round butt."

- Self Magazine

"Must Have Video Workout...New York fitness insiders have long raved about the slimming effects of the Lotte Berk Method: a combination of dance, yoga and physical therapy... Now the body-changing program is finally available to the rest of us."

- Fitness Magazine

"The Lotte Berk Method, a series of four 30-minute videos or DVDs, each with its own unique focus...Start with "Basic Essentials", then move on to "Hip Hugger Abs", for tummy toning, "High Round Assets" to firm your buttocks, and "Muscle Eats Fat" for all over strengthening. For best results, mix and match two to three routines a week."

- Marie Claire Magazine

"Think of the Lotte Berk Method as your fitness launching pad...they're the moves you do as your serious base workout so you can brilliantly perform all other cool sports...there are no gimmicky or wasted movements...This is a no-nonsense, challenging work, but the tape demonstrates three different levels/position as skills increase. ... It was fun and free and sexy."

-Fit Magazine
Customer Reviews

       Read what home users have said about the Lotte Berk Method DVD series…

I found the Lotte Berk Method DVD quite challenging at first, simply because the exercises were designed to find muscles I never new existed (behind my knees!) but I also found the programme very simple to follow.

I tend to swap around different exercise programmes, for variety, but I really miss Lotte when I'm not using the DVDs. I enjoyed a real sense of flexibility and strength when I consistently used the DVDS, and I really enjoyed using the short, intense sessions almost daily, because you get a sense of achievement out of just those few short minutes of amazingly hard work.

I had read about the history of Lotte Berk and her programme, and it made me connect with the DVDs more, as I can almost hear a strict Russian ballet teacher in the exercises, straightening my posture, tucking my hips in, lifting my chin, pushing me to work harder.

I'd probably buy more DVDs if there were more available.

Amy Whiterod,
London, England


I love the Lotte Berk Method DVD's. I practice yoga several days a week. Yoga is essential for my physical and mental well being. But what Lotte Berk has done is given me the muscle strength to do some advanced yoga poses without injuring myself. LBM also has improved my posture, trimmed my waistline, and given my thighs firmness. I wish there was a studio here where I could take it.

Lynn Crawford
Birmingham, MI


I am a Pilates teacher who was introduced to the Lotte Berk Method at a conference. The Lotte Berk Method is like Pilates in some ways; a focus on core abdominal strength, using your own body weight in alignment to create lean muscles, etc.

But what I like about the Lotte Berk Method is the efficiency of the exercises. By focusing on your form and working in small movements, there is very little wasted energy - all efforts are working towards your goal. I also believed that the Lotte Berk Method created a more feminine physique than the Pilates exercises.

I was very happy to discover the Lotte Berk Method DVD's. I currently use them in a 3 or 4 week rotation. I do one video for example "Muscle Eats Fat" every other day for a week, then switch to "High Round Assets" for the next week.

Sometimes I like to really challenge myself by doing two DVDs. The exercises are varied, and I can really get a great challenge with and hour-long workout by doing 2 DVD's. I have seen a reduction in my thighs, plus an increase in strength.

I live in a hilly city, and do a lot of walking - the Lotte Berk Method DVD's have helped me strengthen the muscles I need to walk up and down hill, carrying groceries, anything. The stretching segments are so wonderful and important in the quest to create lean muscles and to keep my body healthy.

The Lotte Berk Method is a targeted approach to strengthening and lengthening muscles, I love it's low-impact and high-efficiency ratio. This is an exercise routine I can do for life without injury and with great results!

Amy Hamilton Lane
(currently in Tokyo, Japan)

I love the Lotte Berk Method DVD collection. At first, it was difficult to stay in form and complete the exercises without too much fatigue. After about 10 times I began feeling better alignment and stronger muscles.

I have noticed throughout my daily routines and my workouts at the gym that my lower abs are naturally pulling in and more engaged. This is a result of the Lotte Berk tuck.

I have had shoulder surgery and my arms were weak, now I am lifting weights, I have less pain, and my arms are more flexible. This is due to due to the Muscle Eats Fat DVD and the Shape by Stretch segments. The orthopedic back stretches are great for my lower back as is the High Round Assets DVD.

I like to alternate the DVDs and often I do one DVD plus the bonus workout. When I'm not doing Lotte Berk I'm in a dance class, yoga class or a Step class. I like walking too.

Since I began doing Lotte Berk I feel like I'm becoming stronger and leaner, it works my muscles the way I once did when I was dancing more intensely. I am very happy with it and I plan to continue doing it for a long time.

I wish there was another collection available for more challenge and variation.

Best regards,
Carolyn Molotchev
Dance Educator, New York City Dept. of Ed.

I'd be honored to have you publish my testimonial. I LOVE the Lotte Berk Method. Here's what I think:

The Lotte Berk Method is the best exercise program that I've found to really help you get into your body. As a professional wellness consultant and bodyworker, I am always recommending exercises to my clients to get them "out of their heads" and "in their bodies."

Lotte Berk Method does just that. It really roots you, clears your mind, and gets you focused. You get in the flow. I love it, and it's my top recommendation to everyone whom I work with.

Kristin Kline, CMT
Professional Bodyworker/Wellness Consultant
Trenton, NJ

First off, I have been working out six days a week for about 8 years, (stress reliever) I am a vegetarian and pretty much a health nut. I do cardio workouts along with weight training. I am lucky enough to have a complete at home gym.

As for the Lotte Berk Method, I love it! I have notice a change within a few weeks, with weight training, I know people say "women cannot get bulky" but I did. With the Lotte Berk method, I feel much leaner and longer.

My posture has improved tremendously. I was skeptical at first when I started for the fact I am use to doing the "traditional" form of exercising, I feel know after doing the Lotte Berk workout you can change your body without having to do a vigorous workout.

I hope my comments helped.
Amy Bergeson
Kenosha, WI

This is a really great set… This is a really great set, and you should give it a try! Lotte Berk Method is mainly isometric exercises mixed with orthopedic back exercises, all followed by stretch. It's not too hard. I have a funny knee and my sister in law has scoliosis, but we both have had no trouble doing it. She actually says it makes her back feel better. If you are not flexible or experienced in exercise, that's OK, because the person on the right will show modifications to make it easier. What's also cool is the person on the right will show you ways to make it harder. So if you need an extra challenge, that's great!

All 4 DVD's are 30 minutes, and have lots of bonus features, including trailers for the other Lotte Berk DVD's, and even a special short bonus workout. The quality of the picture and sound is excellent, and the workouts are chaptered so you can go where you want. They all start out the same way, with about 7 minutes of the same warmup. It consists of vigorous knee lifts, push-ups (the kind you do on your knees), and backwards pushups for the triceps. Then, there is the workout.

The Basic Essentials goes to the barre at this point. You can use a chair or table, and they even have one person demonstrating how to do it on the wall. There are some ballet type workouts with deep plies and other standing leg work. It works your buns and thighs. This goes on for 15 minutes or so, and then there is the Shape by Stretch, which is sort of like yoga stretches. They explain that it will make the muscles you just toned look more lean. I really like this workout. It was a good introduction to the series, and it works total body (abs, arms, butt, and thighs). They teach you about the Lotte Berk tuck really well in this one, which is a way to protect your back and firm your abdomen.

Muscle Eats Fat starts with the same warm-up as the others, then uses light hand weights. It's nothing too difficult, but you can feel it working. It then goes to Knee Dancing, a sort of toning thing where you are kneeling but you are not all the way up or down and you can really feel it in your thighs. Then Shape By Stretch.

Hip Hugger Abs starts with the warm-up, then a little barre work, then mat work. It is mostly isometric work, not repetitions. But do you ever feel it! The main exercise is sitting up with your knees into your chest, and then leaning back and holding yourself halfway. You'll do different modifications of that. Then some sit-up type things, but they are very different and they feel more effective without really wearing out your back and neck. Then some side work for your obliques. Then, Shape By Stretch.

I didn't get to do all of High Round Assets. It starts the same way as the others and then goes to the barre, where you sort of kick behind you with your knee straight. What I did felt really effective.

Bottom line - this works! I have really seen results in by body after three weeks of doing these DVD's. My legs are slimmer and I have built strength in my arms from all those pushups…



I recently got this set of DVDs…I have been doing workouts on video like the Firm, Cathe, Pilates and Yoga for some time and I was looking for something different. These workouts are along the same lines as yoga or pilates in that they are lower impact and rely on the weight of the body for muscle shaping. Stretching is also an important factor in all of the workouts. Some of the workouts use weights to enhance the results and they all use a bar but the bar is not necessary and can be replaced by a piece of furniture or even a body shaping stick or other weighted balancing bar.

The DVDs include a special Blast section which is actually a separate workout (not just a compilation) and it is a higher intensity short piece that is great to use to compliment your workouts or to do on their own.

These workouts are great to do on their own or do combine with other activities that you may already be doing. They will enhance almost any exercise routine by adding some variety and extra challenges for the muscles.

-- fleta


I found the Lotte Berk Method to be similar to the Bar Method, but with more variety. I purchased the entire line and found it to very very useful and I did see results in a couple of weeks. At first the exercises may seem difficult but if you hang in there you will begin to move smoothly through them perfecting each exercise, thus gaining the greatest benefit. I enjoy the fact that they are approximately 20 minutes each, thus if you do not have time it gives you a quick but effective workout. I was one whom believed that lifting heavy weights was where it was all at. Weight-lifting combined with the Lotte Berk Method gives you the strength you need, with a long lean look, a physically fit look, not the monster look you get with only lifting heavy weights!

-- Lisa B.


The Lotte Berke Method (LBM) is a non-traditional type of toning workout developed by a Russian dancer of the same name and brought to America by Lydia Bach. Drawing from dance and other similar disciplines, many of the exercises require the use of a ballet barre, and the focus is on making small, precise movements to facilitate the development of long, lean muscles. The hallmarks of LBM include an emphasis on stretching throughout the workout and use of the "Lotte Berk tuck," which is a pelvic tilt used to emphasize the movements. Each workout begins with a warm-up of marching in place, lifting your knees high, and each ends with a "Shape by Stretch" stretching segment.

Basic Essentials contains the greatest variety of movements and provides an overview to the method. It is a full-body toning workout which includes push-ups, barre work for legs and glutes, floor work for abdominals, and "knee dancing," a kneeling exercise targeting the lower body. Muscle Eats Fat is also a full-body workout and the only one to incorporate weights; you use light dumbells for shoulder, biceps, and triceps work. This workout also includes planks to work the core, thigh work at the barre, and knee dancing for the lower body. The remaining two workouts target more specific areas, although both include push-ups in their warm-ups. In High Round Assets, the barre work includes only a couple of different exercises, but you will perform a very high number of repetitions and then do the same on the floor for pelvic tilts; this was probably my favorite workout of the series and the one that felt the most effective. In Hip Hugger Abs, the entire workout is performed on the floor, first in a seated position for isometric work, then lying for Pilates-inspired movements and finishing with side and regular plank work.

Overall, these videos are well-suited to beginners and intermediates looking for something different than traditional weight work for toning. However, it should be noted that the personalities of the instructors are sometimes a bit hard to take, as they vary from cheesy to condescending to almost drill sergeant-like. Also, the workouts can be a bit boring at times, especially since it takes the instructors so long to set up each exercise. Despite these issues, I would still recommend this set as short, effective toning workouts, with Muscle Eats Fat and High Round Assets being particularly worthwhile.

-- doctor_beth


I have been using the Lotte Berk method for beginners for the past three months now and love the changes I see in my muscles! Even though I have been using them for the past 3 months I still find them challenging and my muscles still feel like jello afterwards. I had first tried these DVD's out by checking them out at my local library and after checking each of the different series several times I decided to purchase my own.

Joanne W.


I purchased the complete set at the beginning of August. I was looking for something to strengthen my back and get into shape after my second child. I was having some back problems and gained quite a bit of weight with my pregnancy. The movements are challenging and carefully explained by the instructors. It took me a while to get the set up and posture correct. The result are worth it! I feel that I am constantly challenged and much stronger. I have not have my back go out since I started doing the video's. I love them and hope they will make more soon! They are not hard to follow and feel great. I highly recommend these if you are looking to tone and shape up!

R. Mayo


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