HeartFlex Exercise DVD and Upper-Body Exerciser

The HeartFlex Upper-Body Package

Just 15 minutes per session…
3 times per week…
for strong, toned upper-body.


The HeartFlex Upper-Body
Toner for Women

  • Beautiful, lovely arms
  • Look fabulous in sleeveless wear
  • Dancer's back and shoulders
  • Chest exercises firm and lift the bust

girl in tank top

man arms

The HeartFlex Upper-Body
Strengthener for Men

  • Forearm and grip
  • Biceps and triceps
  • Chest shoulders and back
  • Improved sports performance

Sports Improvement

HeartFlex increases the strength and appearance of arms, shoulders, and chest. Additional wrist and grip strength maximize sports performance. Ideal for golf and racket sports improvement.
Sports Improvement with HeartFlex
carpal tunnel prevention

Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention

People on computers most of the day are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful and crippling condition of the hands. Severe cases require surgery and limit productivity. Regular and consistent wrist and hand exercises are proven to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Keep HeartFlex by your desk and use it regularly.

Transform Walking Into a Total Body Workout

For newcomers to exercise, walking is an ideal way to get started. With HeartFlex you can "double-up" on your time by exercising your upper-body as you walk. The added exertion elevates your heart rate further to deliver increased cardiovascular benefit and better heart health.
Walking exerciser

So Simple to Use…

HeartFlex Forearm Exercise The 20-minute HeartFlex DVD explains it all with simple pictures. In a few minutes you will be strengthening and toning your way to a firmer, more attractive upper body.


The HeartFlex has no springs or rubber bands. It weighs less than one pound. It can target various upper body muscles because it is powered by a space age plastic mechanism that creates resistance.

The HeartFlex Upper-Body Exerciser Package Includes:

  • The HeartFlex Upper-Body Exerciser
  • 20-Minute Instructional Exercise DVD
  • Color brochure
The HeartFlex Upper-Body Package

HeartFlex DVD - 20 minutes

Detailed instructions include 35 HeartFlex exercises for wrist, forearm, arm, chest, back, and shoulders


DVD includes bonus segments on walking and golf improvement.

All for only:


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