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This is the very same book that has been sold out and is now out of hard copy print. But you can own the E-Book and have access to the classic Lotte Berk movements and stretches that yield that sought after long lean dancers look.

The Lotte Berk Method, as it has been developed and promoted by author Lydia Bach, is an exciting program of exercise founded on the philosophy that life should be lived enthusiastically and energetically, and that the woman who is truly beautiful is the one who feels confidence in herself and radiates a zest for living.

The Lotte Berk Method goes beyond traditional yoga and Pilates -- it has been transforming women's bodies for 50 years. Its origins lie with orthopedic exercises at its core. Later, Hatha yoga postures were blended in. Then Lydia Bach took it to a whole new level to make it truly unique, head and shoulders above all else.

Within 2 weeks of following the routine in the book you will see the waist diminish , the stomach flatten, the thigh and butt firm, and you will soon realize that you are walking with more spring in your step, feel better about yourself , and indeed do have a new self confidence and vitality.

Read the reviews at the bottom of this page.

Ms. Bach also devotes a section of her book to that private matter of sexuality. She has always felt sex is a vital part of a woman's life, and like life itself, should be enjoyed to the maximum. She offers 6 exercises specifically proven to improve your sex. These are the same exercises that New Yorkers have been practicing for years for that very reason alone.

Images Show You the Proper Form

The book is completely illustrated with proper postures and form. There is easy-to-understand text to explain the proper technique.

There are beautiful black and white photos throughout the book. Every one of the 36 separate exercises has one or more photos to show you the proper technique.

Do It Right in Your Home, No Special Equipment Needed

Although a ballet barre would be great, you can use ordinary furniture found right in your home to do these exercises. Many of the exercises are performed standing up or sitting or lying on a carpet.

Book Sections:

  • Warm-ups
  • Stretches
  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Bottom
  • Sex

  • Sample Pages:

    A few sample pages directly from the book.

    Lotte Berk Method Lotte Berk Method Lotte Berk Method Lotte Berk Method Lotte Berk Method


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    Rave Reviews

    " I have been doing the Lotte Berk Method whenever I can…I only wish it were every day. It is an extraordinary combination of specific hard exercise and a general attitude of good health and well-being; they are really on to something special here. It makes me feel wonderful. "

    - Ali MacGraw

    " I've been doing the Lotte Berk Method for years and find the exercises to be the toughest, most effective for firming up my stomach, thighs, and bottom. I…have lots of energy for the rest of the day, feel calmer. I thing the exercises are a natural tranquilizer. "

    - Pia Lindstrom

    " The Lotte Berk Method has succeeded because of one magic word- 'variety'. Although you know from your muscles that work is being done, there's no monotony, no sense of time and money being wasted. "

    - Vogue Magazine

    " The Lotte Berk Method can work for any woman, anywhere, who wants a strong, supple body and increased energy. "

    -Self Magazine

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